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Support for
& Mentors

Helping you to support your clients

Facing the
Polycrisis together

You have already probably noticed a growing sense of anxiety in your clients. If not, you soon will. Google recently reported that search queries in English around ‘climate anxiety’ are now 27 times higher than 5 years ago. 


Sir John Whitmore suggested that coaching was emerging to assist the transformation of human consciousness as we confront the unintended consequences of economic growth, population growth and a culture that has forgotten the collective.

The My New Good Life community is here to help you.


We are building a library of community resourses to support coaches and mentors. You are welcome to use the Learning Adventures found in the section for Individuals, without charge under Creative Commons conditions.


The Learning Adventures offer a simplified version of the New Good Life concept developed by Bernhard Possert. To go deeper into the concept we offer regular workshops and seminars.


Adapting to the global and local Shadows will provide challenges for all of us. The My New Good Life community provides group support and individual coaching and mentoring.

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