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Individual Journey

Embark on your journey to a New Good Life with My New Good Life (MNGL). Discover resources, practical exercises, and a supportive community that empower you to envision, plan, and achieve personal growth and fulfillment.

Virtual Meeting

Over the past decade the world has faced a series of challenges, ranging from financial and economic crises, migration, the Covid-19 pandemic, war and the growing environmental crisis. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for people to talk about their concerns even with those who are close to them. However, there is plenty of evidence that having the opportunity to face, explore and share our concerns about global threats can significantly reduce anxiety and build resilience. 


Your Learning Adventure

At MNGL, our Learning Adventures are crafted to guide individuals on a transformative journey toward living their New Good Life. This journey comprises four distinct Learning Adventures, each focusing on a specific topic essential for personal growth and well-being, and includes a blend of theory, practical exercises, and links to additional resources,

How To Get Started 

The Learning Adventures are designed to be possible to complete within a period of around 90-minutes, although the actual time taken to complete one will vary depending on the reader’s preferences. Download our FREE learning adventures to explore the possibilities. 

We recommend having a “learning buddy” as you go through the Learning Adventures. This could be one or more friends or a professional coach. The MNGL community offers facilitated group discussions and can provide names of suitably qualified coaches.

LAi1: Create a Vision

is designed to help you envision what Your New Good Life could look like. The aim is to help you to capture what is truly necesary for you to live your own "good life".

LAi2: Exploring Resources

is designed to help you to explore your existing internal and external resources (e.g. relationships) that are available to you now on the journey toward Your New Good Life.

LAi3: Assessing the Threats

is designed to help you assess the potential threat to Your New Good Life from the global and local "Shadows" and start the process of developing action options.

LAi4: Developing Strategies

 is designed to help you to develop strategies to achieve Your New Good Life in a way that is more resilient to change, using a variety of different "Elements".

Benefits of MNGL Learning Adventures


Free Learning Adventures

Dive into free  free Learning Adventures combining theory and reflective exercises.


Community Support

Join group discussions and connect with like-minded individuals and coaches for personalised guidance.


Learning Journeys

Engage with others in a deep learning journey.


Collaborative Environment

Involve friends or coaches to enhance support and learning experiences.

Family Picnic
Andrea Molnar
Senior Consultant / Coach
"I had the chance to join an extremely precious group of humans who were brave enough to experiment on how to visualize, plan ahead, be aware and act upon thoughtfully on a bright future in our unpredictable, messy world full of conflicts & polycrisis."
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