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My New Good Life


Supporting individuals, coaches, and leaders to build their unique understanding of a good life, with concrete steps to achieve it through My New Good Life's (MNGL) programmes. 

Discover Our Tailored Programmes

Welcome to MNGL, where we offer comprehensive support through our standard and tailored programmes for Individuals, Coaches and Leaders. Each programme is designed to provide specific resources, guidance, and tools to help you navigate the complexities of life and work, ensuring a fulfilling journey towards your version of a good life. 

Study Group

Individual Journey

Over the past decade the world has faced a series of challenges, ranging from financial and economic crises, migration, the Covid-19 pandemic, war and the growing environmental crisis. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for people to talk about their concerns even with those who are close to them. However, there is plenty of evidence that having the opportunity to face, explore and share our concerns about global threats can significantly reduce anxiety and build resilience. 

Explore more about our Individuals programmes here.

Leaders and Managers

MNGL supports leaders and managers in navigating the complexities of today's dynamic environment. We provide resources and guidance to help envision, plan, and achieve a resilient and thriving future for your team or organisation. Our learning adventures equip you with knowledge and tools to assess threats, develop scenarios, explore strategies, and lead transformative changes, ensuring preparedness and adaptability in the face of ongoing challenges.

Explore more about our Leaders and Managers programme here.

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Coaches and Mentors

MNGL offers comprehensive support for coaches and mentors, providing resources and guidance to help address the growing anxiety increasingly felt by many clients as a result of the global changes. Our learning adventures and extensive resource library enhance your ability to support clients in envisioning, planning, and achieving their personal version of a good life. MNGL is committed to facilitating the transformation of human consciousness and resilience as we confront the multifaceted crises of our time.

Explore more about our Coaches and Mentors programme here.

The MNGL Community

We invite you to join the MNGL community, where you can connect with like-minded individuals, participate in facilitated group discussions, and gain access to a wealth of resources designed to support your journey towards a New Good Life. No matter your role—whether an individual, coach, leader or manager—MNGL provides the knowledge, tools and support needed to navigate life's challenges and create a resilient, fulfilling future.

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