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Wild Fire

The Polycrisis

"There's a lot of stuff happening here all at once.

And that's precisely why we are trying to wrap our heads around it."

Adam Tooze

MNGL_Global Shadows1.jpg

From the "many things happening", we have selected 7 aspects, which we call global “Shadows”. We call them “global”, as we believe that these are the 7 forces that are making the most impact on humanity. We believe that it is only a question of when and how these “Shadows” will affect us, if they are not affecting us already. Do they show up differently in different parts of the globe? Absolutely! We also offer a placeholder for an 8th shadow. We did not put pandemics, migration or the mental health crisis on the list as we see them as a consequence of the 7 global Shadows above - but please put one of them or something else on your list of global shadows.

We explore the global Shadows in more depth in our Learning Adventures

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