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Support for
Leaders &

Helping you build a New Good Life for your team / organisation

"The confluence of crises facing leaders & managers is nothing short of remarkable. 
The concern for leaders and managers should be whether they are prepared."  (PwC)

LAo1 - Assess the threats  is designed to help you assess the potential threat to your team & / or organisation from the global and local "Shadows".

LAo2: Develop Scenarios builds on LAo1 to help you develop potential future scenarios that will form the basis for your "strategic planning".

To support you reflect on your team or organisation’s future, assess the potential impact of “Global and Local Shadows” on your team / organisation, take action to achieve your vision and make it more resilient to future challenges, we offer 4 self-study Learning Adventures (LA):

  • LAo1 – Assess the threats

  • LAo2 – Develop scenarios

  • LAo3 – Explore strategies

  • LAo4 – Lead transformation

In addition, we offer a variety of support in creating your team or organisation’s New Good Life. 

LAo3: Explore Strategies

builds on LAo2 to help you explore how to create resilient strategies to achieve the vision for your team & / or organisation.

LAo4: Lead Transformation

builds on LAo3 to help you to lead the transformation of your team & / or organisation in line with your strategy.

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