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My New Good Life

In the future, life will be different and it can still be good, perhaps even better.

Free Learning Adventures.

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The Polycrisis

"If you are feeling confused and as though everything is impacting on you all at the same time, this is not a personal, private experience. This is actually a collective experience." (Adam Tooze) And this experience has a name – ‘polycrisis’. It describes the interplay between a variety of global ‘Shadows’, such as the climate crisis, war (e.g. Ukraine and Palestine) and multiple economic challenges. 

Community Support 

Our community can help you (your colleagues and / or clients) to respond effectively to the questions, how can I / we:

  • visualise a positive future New Good Life?

  • plan ahead when everything seems so unpredictable?

  • take action to bring about your New Good Life? 

  • feel more joy, acceptance and peace?


We offer 4 free

Learning Adventures:

  • LAi1 – Vision

  • LAi2 – Resources

  • LAi3 - Threats

  • LAi4 – Strategies


Plus free support.

& Mentors

We offer individual and community support as well as more in-depth training & mentoring.

& Managers

We offer free "Learning Adventures", as well as training, coaching and facilitation.

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